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Check Out This Flashy, Splashy Bayonetta 3 Trailer

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Nintendo released a big new Bayonetta 3 trailer today that YouYube won’t let me embed directly because someone swears in it (Youtube’s policy, not mine). UPDATE: Ah, wait, the UK version of the trailer has no such restrictions:

What we know of the plot is that this time, Bayo is facing a human-created army of monstrosities called the Homunculi, and assisting her are multiple new characters including…herself. Lots and lots of herself. The trailer opens with Bayonetta turning into red crystal and exploding, looking for all the world like a death scene, but…if that were true, it wouldn’t be the first thing we see. Even if it is, there are apparently more of her where that came from.

There’s also Viola, Bayonetta’s protege who you’ll control in some areas. She spouts incomprehensible plot information like “If we can get to the Alpha-Verse and stop Singularity, we might be able to help him! You have to be the one to find all the Chaos Gears!” Also, she gets a scorpion stuck on her nose at some point.

As for anything we didn’t know before, the end shot of the trailer reveals a new gameplay mode involving Jeanne that we won’t spoil here. All we can say is that we’re pleased by this development and it should be fun, wherever it’s meant to happen.

Bayonetta 3 launches on the Nintendo Switch October 28 in both standard form and a hard-to-get “Trinity Masquerade Edition” that includes a 200-page artbook and Steelbook packages for all three games. Yes, even Bayonetta 1 — if you missed the memo, Nintendo is releasing a limited number of Bayo 1 physicals at select retailers and their own store. The street date was just this last weekend. Hopefully it’s not too late for you to get one if you’re just hearing about it now.