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Check Out The Season 2 Trailer For Undone


Over the weekend, Amazon Prime released the official trailer for Undone Season 2. This is the show I’ve been more impatient for than any other pandemic-delayed series. Season 1 was one of my favorite seasons of anything, and I now have the power to find out what happens next with one click. The question is, do I?

Undone‘s main character, Alma, is a twentysomething from San Antonio who gets into a car accident and emerges with a bump on the head that awakens ancient powers. She starts seeing her dead father everywhere, and he explains to Alma that she’s a shaman, like her ancestors. Turns out it wasn’t just a title…being a shaman gives you the ability to not just see the dead, but warp and manipulate time with your mind!

The series never really answered the question of if Alma could actually do these things or if she was simply going crazy. Alma’s ultimate goal in Season One was to go back to the night her father died and change the events to save his life. Such a move would obviously alter a lot of history, and it was the ultimate test of whether her powers were real or not. In the most cruel cliffhanger ever, the show cut off at the EXACT MOMENT Alma would have found out the answer.

I’ve waited two and a half years to find out that answer, and to have it resolved by a trailer instead of the show itself wouldn’t feel right. And yet watching such trailers is an unavoidable part of my job. Compounded by the fact that it’s my mission to spread Undone awareness as broadly and loudly as I can, it feels inevitable that I have to spoil myself.

Nah — I can’t. I simply won’t. You do it instead.

All eight episodes of Undone Season 2 arrive on Amazon Prime April 29.