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Check Out Jared D. Weiss’s “Hog & Fog”

hog & fog

What’s animator Jared D. Weiss up to these days? How about oval-shaped pigs and sentient clouds?

We’ve featured work by Weiss here before — you may remember the two shorts featuring a white smiling blob named Brazey; they were both by him. He was also responsible for “Transmission,” a full-length short that played in over a dozen animation festivals around the world, and has won several awards. Now Weiss and the music composer for “Transmission” have collaborated on a new short, “Hog & Fog.”

This pig is about to conduct a simple science experiment involving a hot mixture and an ice cube. It’s about to make a discovery that will send it through a range of emotions: fright, wonder, elation, and — finally disgust.

If you enjoyed “Hog & Fog” there are plenty of other shorts available on Weiss’s Vimeo channel.