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Check Out This Animated Short: Welcome To Paradise


It’s nice to be able to carry an endless supply of media in a pocket-sized device, isn’t it? People had it harsh in the old days….or rather, in this alien otherworld. This guy (whose name is officially “Eggs”) has to drag around a giant robot full of television programs everywhere he goes. And the material to power it all doesn’t come cheap.

Extra treat with this one: the film’s director, Alex Baró Cayetano, sent TZ an E-mail with the story of how this short came to be.

The idea was born a year before starting the preproduction. I remember looking at random concept art online and seeing these amazing robot silhouettes from the artist Gennaro Grazioso. Instantly I tried to imagine a backstory for these giant mechs and started writing it down. In no time, the four of us were refining the idea and coming out with new concepts and designs. We clearly remember how difficult it was to make up our minds about the ending, characters and plot. Friends and lecturers were giving us different opinions and at the end we decided to stick to what we really wanted to make.

The film was made by mainly four people. Veronika Epsteina, Amélie Talarmain, Simeon Ganev and myself, Alex Baró Cayetano. But aside from us we got help from some other talented people, all named in our website. We all studied the same degree at the University of Hertfordshire and joined together to make Welcome to Paradise our final year film. We all come from different countries (Sweden, France, Britain and Spain) and had different ideas to bring together. 

You can find out a lot more about Welcome To Paradise through its official Tumblr page.