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Check Out This Animated Short: Fight Of The Century


This bizarre short was created by Frame Freak Studios, a small team of animators from El Salvador. Before you watch this one, you’ll need to know it’s a pilot for a proposed series by the Frame Freak team, and doesn’t really introduce the characters within it. You’ll have to read the backstory first (corrected for errors, as English isn’t their first language):

Chuck & Curly found an old mysterious puzzle that resembles a Rubik’s Cube with a face, and they tried to solve it….but it was just as frustrating as a Rubik’s Cube, so they decided to cheat to solve it and tore it apart.

The puzzle was an old prison made by Chronos, and by breaking it they let out the God of Chaos. Now he’s out bringing chaos to the universe, mixing time and space, and Chuck & Curly must go through different mixed eras to find every piece of the puzzle and fix the universe.

That’s why 1963 is full of robots. ….okay, look, we don’t really care that this makes no sense. We just really like the designs, the quirky animation and the Zelda-looking girl, whoever she is. Also, JFK is a robot too.

For more on Frame Freak Studios, including more information on Tempus Trip (the series “Fight of the Century” would become), check out their website. Now its time to get weird….