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Celebrate Yoshi with a Special 3DS XL

Special Yoshi 3DS XL

Luigi got a whole year to himself with the just ended “Year of Luigi.” Now it’s Yoshi’s turn to shine, and though he hasn’t had an officially announced year he’s having a really big month with the release of the 3DS gameĀ Yoshi’s New Island in March, and this sweet Nintendo 3DS XL to commemorate the launch.

According to a press release from Nintendo, this special edition green 3DS XL, with an image of Yoshi on the front and Yoshi eggs on the back, will retail for $199.99. Yoshi’s New Island will retail for $39.99. They’ll both be available the same day, March 14, so you can have a put the Yoshi game in the Yoshi 3DS and forge some kind of unstoppable instrument of Yoshiness.

Nice to see Yoshi get some love. Maybe buying this will make players feel a little better about all the times they sacrificed Yoshi to save themselves on a jump in Super Mario World. It still haunts me.