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Catch Your Limit With The Fisherman


The launch trailer for “The Fisherman” does not show the most important ingredients of a successful fisherman [beer and patience…and more beer] but it does showcase a wide array of features.


Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, “The Fisherman” is a fishing simulator that allows you to catch a whopping 143 species of fish, each displaying their “true-to-life behavior” [translation: this is the only way you are going to catch some of them].


You also have a wide selection of locations to choose from for your fishing expeditions – 19 locations from Florida to France to Russia – as well as more than 1000 tackle setups while employing one of four fishing techniques – bottom fishing, float fishing, spinning and trolling [of the non-internet variety].


Additionally, you may choose to compete against other fisherpersons such as yourself for prizes in both single player and co-op competitions.