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Castlevania Season 2 Premieres October 26

castlevania season 2

Remember that Castlevania anime that premiered on Netflix a couple years ago? It’s finally coming back, with a second season twice as long as the first. When can we expect it?

Castlevania Season 1 was awfully short — just four episodes long. The series as a whole is an adaption of Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse, the NES game that told the origin story of the ongoing feud between Count Dracula and the whip-wielding Belmont lineage.

Due to the handful of episodes allotted, Trevor Belmont and his cohorts (Sypha Belnades and Alucard) only got to the front door of Dracula’s castle before the credits rolled. Since then, it’s been a long wait (fortunately, we’ve had at least three Voltron seasons to pad the time).

October 26 is when you can expect Castlevania Season 2. The date was announced during an Anime Expo panel this afternoon, and a thirty-second trailer was screened for the crowd. Netflix has not uploaded this trailer online yet, but someone sneaked out their cell during the showing and captured a crude bootleg. We have a feeling this tweet isn’t going to stay up, so if you get nothing by going to that link, here’s what you missed, second by second:

  • People getting arrowed in the back while Dracula hisses “THEY ALL…MUST…DIE.”
  • Alucard, while the heroes are around a campfire: “My father….he’s come back.”
  • “Now he’s going to destroy the world.”
  • Zombie getting zapped by Sypha
  • “Now Dracula has to die.”
  • Somebody jumping out a window
  • Characters showing off their weapon skills
  • Castlevania logo, Netflix logo

It’s just thirty seconds, but you get a lot per second. If this trailer is uploaded soon, we’ll update the page with an embed. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until October 26 to find out where Castlevania Season 2 is going (or find the NES game…)