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Castle Costume Launches Its Pumpkin Head Today


“Castle Costume” launched today for PlayStation 4 [it is also available for Nintendo Switch] because Halloween is the perfect time to launch a video game featuring a guy with a pumpkin head. Plus you need something to do after you have collected your candy booty tonight.


“Castle Costume” is a platform gamer set in a semi-open world with your pumpkin-headed guy traveling between four worlds.  The overall setting is a universe caught in eternal Halloween [a la “Groundhog Day”] and the storyline has you [pumpkin-headed guy] saving Halloween from Angry Aaron, a kid who either had too many Pixie Stix or somebody gave him a rock or a piece of black licorice in his bag – either way, he is set to bring his wrath of Khan down on Halloween! You must use your pumpkin for good and befriend others and unite them for the common good – to save Halloween and all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups! Well, at least Halloween.

And the good news?  There is no time limit!