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Cartoon Network UK Partners With Brownlee Brothers To Stop Bullying


Cartoon Network UK has partnered with British triathlete brothers Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee as part of the network’s ongoing Buddy Network initiative, designed to stop children being bullied.

In a partnership that also works alongside Childline & the NSPCC the network aims to help stop the problem among children. Dame Esther Rantzen, President of Childline comments: “Bullying, whether it occurs online or in person, can have a devastating impact on young people. It can affect their confidence, their work, leave them feeling isolated and friendless, and even make them feel life is not worth living. That’s why Childline is delighted to be partnering with Cartoon Network and Jonathan and Alistair Brownlee, two fantastic role models for children to support their anti-bullying campaign, CN BUDDY NETWORK. Raising awareness of bullying is incredibly important as it is crucial that we help children and young people reach out for support so they do not suffer in silence. If they are finding it hard to open up to their parents or teachers they can always contact Childline our free and confidential helpline whenever they need us. They can call us on 0800 1111, or email or live chat with us on www.childline.org.uk.”

The brothers will appear in an on air ad campaign imploring children to be vigilant of bullying and help make a difference for those being hurt by it. Further information and resources to help children with the problem of bullying can be found at the Buddy Network website.

Jonathan Brownlee says: “We’re really excited to be working with Cartoon Network and ChildLine on this year’s CN Buddy Network anti-bullying campaign. Everybody at some point in their life experiences the effects of bullying, so if it is happening to you right now, just know that you’re not alone. I was lucky growing up to have an older brother at school who always had my back and helped me get through tough times whenever I was being picked on.”

 Alistair Brownlee adds: “You don’t have to be a superhero to stop bullying, you just need to look out for each other and take action when you see someone in trouble. We believe that bullying at its core is an issue of self-confidence, so we would encourage kids to get out there and take up an activity they absolutely love to help build their self-esteem.  Sports gave Jonny and I the confidence to stand up to bullying and not let them get us down.  If you’re being bullied, please remember that it’s not your fault, tell a teacher, friend or family member and we promise, things will get better.”