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Cartoon Network UK Invites “Adventure Time” Fans To Interactive Ooo Experience


Adventure Time

Come on, grab your friends.

We’ll go to very distant lands.

Of a sorts, at least. Fans of Cartoon Network’s popular Adventure Time will be familiar with the land of Ooo, the setting for the show’s surreal escapades. Now fans in the UK have the chance to visit Ooo themselves and prove their hero potential. ‘An Ooo Experience‘ is currently touring shopping centres across the country, having started in the West Midlands and set to cover the following locations:

  • 18th-19th June – Intu Lakeside (Essex)
  • 25th-26th June – Manchester Arndale (Manchester)
  • 2nd-3rd July  – Intu MetroCentre (Gateshead Newcastle)
  • 9th-10th July – Intu Braehead (Glasgow)

Using special motion capture technology developed by Hellicar&Lewis, fans will face an all new quest to save the Candy Kingdom from the Nightosphere. Becoming one of four iconic heroes (Finn, Jake, Princess Bubblegum or Marceline), players will be able to interact, wield magic and even dance in the imaginative world as never before.

Richard Kinning, UK Creative Director at Turner, comments: “We’re thrilled to be collaborating with Hellicar&Lewis to launch Adventure Time’s first-ever live interactive experience. This game was inspired by our massive fan-base for the show; we wanted to offer them a unique Adventure Time experience like never before. ‘An Ooo Experience’ offers players a mix of theatre, character interaction and the opportunity to explore and immerse themselves in the Land of Ooo. We hope it attracts both existing fans and also new ones who just fall in love with the characters like we have.”