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The Cartoon Network App Is Now On XBox One


The Cartoon Network app is great and all, but wouldn’t it be nice to view the on-demand content on something larger than a phone? You can get that wish granted today if you have an XBox One…is all the content available?

Cartoon Network announced today they’ve launched a version of the CN App for all models of the XBox One. The app will contain all the content accessible via the phone version, including the new episodes of Steven Universe that debuted on the app last weekend.

The Cartoon Network app puts the best of Cartoon Network’s wide array of original programming all in one place, including select full-length episodes from hit series like Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Teen Titans Go!, Ben 10, O.K. KO!, We Bare Bears, Mighty Magiswords and more. Watch exclusive “See It First” premieres before they air, hilarious clips, customized video mixes and other exciting content.

To access most of the content on the CN app you need a valid username and password from your cable provider (or your friend’s cable provider — we won’t tell), but there are select episodes and bonus material that can be viewed without any authentication necessary.

The Cartoon Network app is now available on XBox One. As for the question of whether this means a PS4 or Switch version of the app could be on the way, there is no announcement from CN regarding expansion beyond this.