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Cartoon Network 2018-2019 Programming Slate


What do talking fruits, a kingdom of dogs, and taco-loving skeletons have in common? It’s obvious…..they’re all part of the Cartoon Network 2018-2019 programming slate, revealed in its entirety yesterday. What Which of your favorite shows were renewed?

Scroll below to find out. CN passed us their official Cartoon Network 2018 list yesterday, full of confirmations and renewal announcements. There are a lot of things here that we already know about, but it’s all confirmed and in a row now.


Cartoon Network 2018-2019 - Infinity Train

  • Apple & Onion In a world where all is food, Apple and Onion are two British edibles who live as roommates. It’s a very charming and well-written show, but unfortunately, Cartoon Network only ordered ten episodes. Enjoy it while you can; the last two will air by the end of March.
  • Craig of the Creek Steven Universe writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin created this series, which is reminiscent of those “child society” programs from the dawn of the millennium like KND. The titular Craig spends his afternoons leading his best friends around the wilderness surrounding the titular creek, having one escapade after another. The show debuts Friday, March 30, but an episode is viewable now on the CN App.
  • Infinity Train By far the most popular (and deservedly so) of CN’s pilot shorts. Between this and Smash confirmed for Switch in 2018, we’re over the moon. Created by Owen Dennis, Infinity Train is a mystery series about a girl named Tulip who finds herself on a train full of infinite worlds with no clue how to get back home. It will be the last of the new shows to premiere, slated for 2019.
  • Summer Camp Island – The pilot for this series is not currently online, so I can only go by CN’s official description. “In this wildly imaginative series based on an original Cartoon Network short created by Julia Pott, Summer Camp Island will unfold the mysteries that Oscar and his best friend Hedgehog encounter at a magical summer camp. Having completed a momentous festival run that included Sundance Film Festival, the highly anticipated series will premiere this summer.”
  • Victor and Valentino – Two half-brothers, whose names are on the title, are spending their summer in the remote and spooky village of Monte Macabre. Here Victor and Valentino can’t help but get into constant trouble. The pilot showed a lot of promise, and the show begins its run later this year.


Cartoon Network 2018-2019 - OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

  • Adventure Time – Cartoon Network will continue to dump the remaining episodes of this iconic series in two-hour chunks. March 18 is the next airing mentioned, and here’s something you didn’t expect: a Minecraft episode, produced in cooperation with Mojang. Do they still have Minecraft in the time of Ooo or is this one of those “alternate animation styles” episodes? Watch for “Diamonds and Lemons” to air soon.
  • Ben 10 CN is going to be airing variations on Ben 10 well after we’re all dead. This particular version now has a third season confirmed, but as for the one currently airing, the network says to expect a new ferocious alien visitor named Shock Rock. Can Ben defeat him? Will there be a toy made of him? Yes to both.
  • OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes The best new show of Cartoon Network’s 2017 offerings returns with a second season of over-the-top comedic adventure! KO will continue to defend Gar’s Bodega from Lord Boxman’s robotic creations along with his slacker friends Radicles and Enid.
  • Steven UniverseSo it’s always the question….when the heck is this show coming back? CN confirms that at least three “all-new, action-packed story arcs” will run this season, with the first of these premiering in April.
  • The Amazing World of Gumball This is the smartest and funniest series CN has on the air, and more people need to make it appointment viewing. CN says among the new episodes there’ll be a Halloween special this fall, and they also hint at an episode “filled with music and dance.” We’re up to season six, and the show hasn’t lost steam yet.
  • The Powerpuff Girls Hate to be the one to break it to you, but CN says there are enough Bootleg Powerpuff Girls episodes to air well into 2019. Also, everyone’s favorite canonical character Bliss is coming back!
  • Teen Titans Go!Guess what? This show has been cancelled. …yeah, of course you don’t believe me, that would leave a 75% gap in CN’s scheduling. Season five is set to premiere in June, and the Titans will make their big-screen debut July 27 in Teen Titans Go To The Movies. To call it overexposed would be an understatement, but it remains an enjoyable show — depending on who you talk to.
  • Unikitty! Unikitty flies around and gets randomly angry in this Lego Movie spinoff that largely replaces the wit of the movie with crazy faces and screaming. The animation budget on this one is high and CN clearly wanted another TTG, but missed the fact that TTG is a hit because the way the Titans’ diverse personalities bounce off each other makes them fun to watch. Not so much here — Unikitty’s posse is an uninspired bunch. Don’t be surprised if CN gives this heavy investment a Season 2, but I’m doubtful there’ll be a 3.
  • We Bare Bears Grizz, Panda and Ice Bear now have a fourth season confirmed! WBB is also getting a Halloween special, and other holiday specials are mentioned as well. Also watch for “a wedding where the bears comes to the rescue as the best man.”

At the end of this Cartoon Network 2018 returning series list, CN casually mentions new episodes of Mighty Magiswords and Clarence will appear, which is their way of saying they are dead shows walking.

Cartoon Network has also been dabbling in video games lately and they’ve produced critically praised interactive takeoffs on Steven Universe and OK KO. Here are two projects they revealed today:

Cartoon Network 2018-2019 - Bloons Adventure Time TD

  • Bloons Adventure Time TDDeveloped by Ninja Kiwi and based on their megahit Bloons Tower Defense franchise. Bloons Adventure Time TD features the Bloon hordes invading the Land of Ooo! Finn and Jake will need all the help they can get to stop them. Players can recruit their favorite Adventure Time characters including Princess Bubblegum, Marceline, Ice King and more, as well as the monkeys from the Bloons TD franchise. as they travel from kingdom to kingdom to send the Bloons packing. The free-to-play game will be available in Summer 2018.

Cartoon Network 2018-2019 - Ben 10 Alien Experience

  • Ben 10 Alien Experience Featuring the Omni-Enhanced Aliens of Ben 10 season 2 and synergizing with the new Playmates Toys Action Figures, this updated and enhanced augmented reality game will feature new gameplay, levels and enemies allowing fans to become Ben 10 in their own environment. Players can also use the camera feature to transform themselves into even more Aliens than before and save their own Omni- Enhanced photos and videos. Ben 10 Alien Experience is a free, ad-supported game and expected to be updated on all mobile platforms August 2018.

Finally, the Steven Universe Podcast will continue with a third volume made up of 10 episodes. Get a behind-the-scenes look at characters and surroundings featured in the beloved animated series. What do you think of the Cartoon Network 2018-2019 slate?