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Captain Marvel Wants To Be Samus Aran


What did Brie Larson dress up as for Halloween? What future projects would she like to do?

Halloween for celebrities is often an opportunity. For they can use their money to make really epic costumes and thus show off their skills and even project who they want to be in future movies and TV shows. For Brie Larson, who is getting ready for her debut as Captain Marvel, she dressed up as another powerful blonde hero: Samus Aran from Metroid.

She was later asked about being Samus in a film, and not only did she said she wanted a film to be made, but she hopes she’s considered for the role when it potentially arrives.

Would you be up for Captain Marvel being Samus Aran as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Hopefully, Brie Larson does genuinely understand gender balance. Obviously, Metroid Other M has humiliating treatment of females, but we also wouldn’t want the opposite extreme of patronizing. Samus is of course no-nonsense, but hey, the reason Samus Is A Girl became a trope is because the Metroid games are designed to be good without relying on Samus’s gender too much.

    This might be worth showing to Brie Larson: