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Capcom Releases Trailer For Ace Attorney: Spirit Of Justice


Capcom’s sixth mainline game in the Ace Attorney series will be released in America this September, and today, the company released our first peek at the English version in this new trailer.

Past Ace Attorney adventures have dabbled in the supernatural, but never to the extent that Spirit of Justice does. Phoenix Wright and Apollo Justice are now trying to defend their clients in the mystical kingdom of Khura’in, a locale so exotic that they don’t even NEED lawyers because they can simply hold a seance to divine the truth of any incident. But when that unquestioned “truth” has been intentionally distorted, can our be-suited heroes uncover evidence that will stand up in such a court?

Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice comes out this September for 3DS….once again digital-only, though maybe if you plead hard enough, Limited Run Games will be convinced to bug Capcom for a small physical print run. (They’re still working on “clearing hurdles” for the previous game.)

If you crave new Phoenix Wright adventures NOW, an anime based on the series is currently running in Japan — it can be seen in the States by subscribers of Crunchyroll.