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You Can Summon Shenron In Dragon Ball FighterZ


If Dragon Ball FighterZ is 100% faithful to the series, how unfair would it be if you could simply summon Shenron and win the game? Wait…you can really summon him?

The entire Dragon Ball series gets its name from the seven starry spheres scattered around the world. Collect all of them in one place and you can summon the great dragon Shenron, who will grant you a wish within certain parameters. (Example: you can resurrect someone from the dead, but they can only be resurrected once.) The recent series Dragon Ball Super has upped the scale by introducing planet-sized Dragon Balls that can grant even bigger wishes.

Bandai Namco confirmed today that you can indeed summon Shenron in this game, but it’s not a simple task. First the players must perform a series of combos to make the Dragon Balls appear in the first place. Then they must succeed in capturing all seven themselves before their opponents do. If the player is somehow successful, then Shenron will appear — but only four options can be chosen for a wish, and “winning the game” isn’t one of them. (Namco says the possible wishes will “help you win” but not that a win is a guarantee.)

Dragon Ball FighterZ contains other elements borrowed directly from the show, like the Dramatic Scenes feature. If players meet certain conditions, they’ll be able to watch iconic scenes from the Dragon Ball series play out before or after a match.

It won’t be long until Dragon Ball FighterZ is available (January 26) and even less time before the open beta begins (January 13 for preorder holders, January 14 for everyone else). The game will be out soon for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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