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Call of Duty Championship Begins Tomorrow


This weekend the biggest console esports tournament of the year will commence in Los Angeles. Call of Duty Championship will take place from March 27 to March 29, presented by XBox. The greatest Call of Duty players from around the world will log in and compete in virtual battle for a $1 million prize pool and the title of World Champion.

More than 175 million copies of the various titles in the Call of Duty franchise have been sold across all platforms — since its launch over ten years ago, a Call of Duty game has been sold once every two seconds. Over 100 billion multiplayer matches have been played; if each Call of Duty match equaled one professional game, this would amount to over 390 million professional football seasons, over 263 million professional soccer seasons, over 81 million professional basketball seasons, or over 41 million professional baseball seasons.

More than 300 billion grenades have been thrown in COD matches — that’s 44 times the number of cell phones currently in the world. 579 billion in-game awards have been won by players, five times the amount of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.

Starting tomorrow you can watch the tournament unfold in four simultaneous streams on XBox Live, on the Call of Duty website, or embedded below.