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Call Of Duty Ascendance DLC On All Consoles April 30


This didn’t take long. When Call of Duty’s latest DLC pack, Ascendance, made its debut last month it was exclusive to XBox consoles. One month later, the exclusivity deal has ended and the pack will be made available to PS4, PS3 and PC users as well.

If you recall, the Ascendance DLC contains the following items of interest:

  • Four new multiplayer maps: Perplex(a constantly shifting set of condos under construction by robots), Site 244 (aliens crash outside Mount Rushmore, you fight around the wreckage), Climate(a jungle-themed map with foliage to hide in), and Chop Shop(a chop shop).
  • Exo Zombies Chapter Two: The latest Zombie battle takes place in an old COD hangout, Burger Town.
  • New weapons: DLC owners can now get the OHM directed energy light machine gun/shotgun hybrid and the OHM Werewolf custom variant.
  • New ability called Exo Grapple: “Exo Grapple gives players a faster way to reach strategic vantage points or a brutal secondary weapon to take down the competition, exclusively on Ascendance maps,” Activision says.

If you have the $50 Season Pass, you’ll be able to get the DLC instantly, or if you wish to buy it separately the individual price is $15. For more detailed details, see the full press release below.