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Call Of Duty WWII: The Resistance DLC Now Available For XBox One And PC

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So when does the time expire on Sony’s exclusivity for the Call of Duty WWII: The Resistance DLC pack? Right about now. What’s inside it?

Pretty much the same content, only now it’s available on more devices. Once again, The Resistance introduces four new multiplayer maps:

Valkyrie – Located in the Masurian Woods, East Prussia, this map was inspired by The Wolf’s Lair – The Fuhrer’s Eastern-front headquarters during Operation Barbarossa – the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union. This is a medium-sized map with multiple overwatch positions and mounted machine guns.

Anthropoid – Based in Prague, Czechoslovakia, this map is inspired by Operation Anthropoid – the famous assassination attempt on a high-ranking German officer during World War II. This map is divided by a river, with long-flanking paths that can be used by snipers for ranged attacks.

Occupation – In this remake of a classic Call of Duty® map, players battle through the streets and shops of German-occupied Paris during WWII. Nearby homes and storefronts lend defensive positions for ambush and recovery.

Operation Intercept – Outside of St Lo, France, the next War Mode experience, developed in partnership with Raven Software, leads you on an urban rescue mission to save Resistance fighters being transported by train. The first objective on the Allied side is freeing the fighters, followed by the destruction of key communication equipment, and ends with stopping a train.

As far as zombies are concerned you have The Darkest Shore, a new chapter in the co-op storyline that sticks Marie, Drostan, Olivia and Jefferson on a fog-shrouded island crawling with the Undead Third Reich.

As of today, March 1, you can get The Resistance DLC on any system Call of Duty: WWII is playable on, either individually for $15 or as part of the Season Pass which costs $50. And now that this pack is fully out there, we should be hearing about the next DLC soon…