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“Bye Sweet Carole” Could Be An Animation Horror Sensation

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If the viral hit Learning With Pibby proved anything, it’s that there’s a huge appetite for animated horror that isn’t being served. The idea of taking an animation style that’s traditionally used for family or children and taking it in a creepy direction is bold and exciting. But since WB isn’t apparently going to do anything with Pibby, the potential still remains untapped — for now.

It could be a video game that finally breaks through. We stumbled on footage of the upcoming adventure horror game Bye Sweet Carole and we were, quite frankly, blown away. Even though this is a small indie production, they have managed to mimic the polished style of a 1990s 2D animated Disney movie flawlessly. Then some freaky things start happening and the results are striking:

What’d we tell you?

Bye Sweet Carole seems to take inspiration from Clock Tower, the 1995 video game where you control Jennifer Connelly (basically) and have to find your way out of a dark mansion before a maniac wielding gigantic scissors catches up to you and snips your head off. Like in Clock Tower, the only way you can evade the grasp of the monster after your life in Bye Sweet Carole is to hide from him until you no longer hear him moving about.

But the heroine of this game has a larger motivation beyond just staying alive. Lana Benton was visiting her friend at the Bunny Hall Orphanage when the kid mysteriously disappeared — the Carole in the title. The orphanage dismisses Carole as a runaway and refuses to elaborate beyond that. Unsatisfied, Lana conducts her own investigation and soon finds out there’s more going on than she ever dreamed.

The building is a gateway to the world of Carolla, a realm of monsters and, it turns out, evil rabbits. At some point Lana gains the ability to change into a rabbit herself (see the last visual in the reel above) and squeeze into places she couldn’t before.

There is no specific release date yet for Bye Sweet Carole, but it’s being promised sometime in 2024 for Playstation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC. It should rock.

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