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Buzz Lightyear Animated Movie Gets Teaser Trailer

Buzz Lightyear Movie

It’s not surprising that Disney is trying to make bank off of all the characters they feel they can get box office coin from. They’ve been doing it well over the last decade with live-action takes on their beloved animated films, and then there’s Pixar who has done plenty of sequels and spinoffs featuring their best characters. But now, they’re going to do a slightly different take on this idea with the upcoming Buzz Lightyear movie called Lightyear.

Now, as star Chris Evans points out, this isn’t a movie about Buzz Lightyear the toy that we know from all the Toy Story movies. Rather, this is about the human who inspired the toy (which of course raises all sorts of questions about the world of Toy Story but we’ll let that go for now). And as such, and as you’ll see in the teaser trailer below, this movie is going to be a sci-fi epic that has a lot to offer and will showcase just how Buzz became the legend that inspired a toy.

While Buzz himself doesn’t talk a lot in the teaser trailer, we do get hints at what is going to happen. Such as how he’s the test pilot for a bold new kind of starship (made by Star Command, his home base of operations) and that they’re trying to test faster travel through space. And that will lead Buzz on an adventure to the stars and eventually, to Emperor Zurg. Along the way, he’ll have plenty of help, and of course, he’ll get his iconic spacesuit that we all know and love.

It’s going to be interesting to see not only how Chris Evans plays him, but how deep into the character we’ll go. We’ll find out next year when Lightyear comes to theaters.

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