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Buy A $20 Game, Get A Fat Chocobo

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Feeling disappointed over the skinniness of your Chocobos? Does Square have a good deal for you!

From now until July 1, Square is offering a special giveaway for players of Final Fantasy 14. Spend $20 on video games at Amazon, and they’ll gift you the Black Fat Chocobo Mount, absolutely free. This bird isn’t obtainable by any other means, though it is basically a recolor of a Fat Chocobo which has been offered in giveaways before.

The Fat Chocobo first appeared in the Collector’s Edition of Final Fantasy 14, and was only obtainable through that version. Later on, Square gave away a white-colored Fat Chocobo in 2016, as a different promotion with Amazon. It has appeared as a prize in other events as well, sporting various colors. Whenever Square wants to do anything special with FF 14, it usually involves overweight birds.

Most video game-related purchases on Amazon will get you a Black Fat Chocobo, though there are some conditions. No preorders are allowed, for example. To claim your prize, make sure “Black Fat Chocobo DLC — 1 applicable promotion” is listed somewhere around the price tag.

Is there any particular reason why Square is feeling so generous, bird-wise? It’s because the latest expansion to Final Fantasy 14, Stormbringers, is about to hit next month. Stormbringers will go live July 2, a day after the Fat Chocobo promotion ends.

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