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Bully And Manhunt Emerge On Sony PlayStation 4


Sony PlayStation had a little spring surprise up their sleeves with today’s announcement of the emergence of former PS2 stalwarts “Bully” and “Manhunt” in its PlayStation Store.

Both games come from Rockstar – makers of the wildly popular “Grand Theft Auto” series and “Bully” is essentially a high school comedy version of the GTA series but instead is set in a New England prep school where players have to go to class, deal with bullies, navigate the school’s many social cliques, and generally get into as much trouble as possible. Meanwhile, “Manhunt” is more intense, as players control a prison inmate forced to participate in a TV show run by a villain.

The PS4 versions of the games are enhanced and will now display in 1080p and PlayStation 4 social features such as remote play via the PlayStation Vita, as well as the ability to take screenshots, record video and broadcast gameplay can be used.

Both of the titles are currently available now in the European digital storefront, but U.S.A. is currently only offering “Bully,” at the moment, for $14.99.