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Brock And Misty Will Return To The Pokemon Anime Soon

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The Pokemon anime may still have Ash, Pikachu, Jessie, James, Meowth and Nurse Joy, but where are the easily agitated aquaphile and the wannabe ladies man? Will we ever see Brock and Misty again?

They’re coming back….just temporarily, but it’s happening. Pokemon Sun and Moon will broadcast a two-part story on September 14 and September 21 that sees Ash traveling back to the Kanto region and meeting up again with his original companions. A scan from Japanese kids’ magazine Telubi-kun is making the rounds online, and it shows what Brock and Misty will look like in the new show’s art style.

This announcement comes after the unexplained scrubbing of both characters from Pokemon: I Choose You, the 20th anniversary movie version of the cartoon’s first events. The news busts some theories as to why they were replaced with generic trainers — clearly using them was still an option. Will we ever know what happened there? Probably not.

It’s been a long time…longer than you think. Brock hasn’t been seen in the anime since 2011, and Misty’s last appearance was a full twelve years ago. One would assume kids watching the show today wouldn’t know who they are, but the Indigo League episodes have been available on Netflix for years, and usually the first thing new Poke-Fans do is seek out the beginning.

This portion of the scan suggests Brock has updated his collection of Rock types, and Misty now has a Gyarados (yes!) It also suggests the alternate variations of Pokemon from Alola will meet their “normal” counterparts and be suitably freaked out.

It’ll be several months before these two episodes are dubbed and air on Disney XD, but unfortunately Eric Stuart and Rachael Lillis will still be waiting by their dust-covered phones…The Pokemon Company replaced the original New York voice actors long ago.