Classic Cartoons on DVD

Welcome to Classic Cartoons on DVD. This page is dedicated to information and reviews of DVDs featuring classic (pre-1970) animated features and shorts. Though the number of these titles currently available on DVD is nowhere near as large as the number available on VHS or laserdisc, things are definitely improving, and there are some real gems available right now that deserve some attention. If you are not familiar with DVD, it is a home video format that does for movies what the CD did for music. Hours of high-quality video can be stored on a disc identical to a CD, and it never wears out or needs rewinding. The picture and sound quality is vastly improved over VHS, and modestly improved over laserdisc -- but only if good source materials and mastering techniques are used. That is why this page exists: to inform animation fans of what is available, and of what looks and sounds good enough to be part of your DVD collection.

Each DVD is rated from 1 star (worst) to 5 stars (best). No stars mean that the disc has not been reviewed or has not been released.


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