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2 stars


Slingshot DVD - Catalog ID DVD9816
Released: January 19, 1999
Running Time: 60 minutes
Sound: Dolby Digital Stereo
No region coding


  1. "Feline Follies" (1919)
  2. "Felix Saves the Day" (1922)
  3. "Felix in Hollywood" (1922)
  4. "Felix Dopes it Out" (1924)
  5. "Futuritzy" (1928)
  6. "Comicamalities" (1928)
  7. "Felix Woos Whoopee" (1930)
  8. "Otto Messmer at Work"


Sometimes you see something and think that it's fantastic, but only until you find something better. Such is the case with this DVD. Though it's a perfectly good DVD, it pales in comparison to Bosko Video's DVD Presenting Felix the Cat. The first 3 cartoons on this disc can also be found on the Bosko Video disc, though in my opinion they look slightly better here. However, one of these cartoons -- "Felix Saves the Day" -- is missing a good portion of it opening scenes on this disc. It wasn't until I watched the Bosko Video DVD that I realized some footage was missing. The only reason anyone would want to own this disc is for the 4 cartoons that aren't on the Bosko Video edition:

"Felix Dopes it Out" is interesting for it's politically-incorrect racial stereotypes. "Futuritzy" features an astrologer's prediction of Felix's immediate future. "Comicamalities" is an excellent cartoon that predates "Duck Amuck" by 25 years in it's interaction between character and animator. "Felix Woos Whoopee" is a rather crude-looking cartoon for it's time, especially compared to the Mickey Mouse shorts made that same year. Each of these four cartoons has a soundtrack, which was probably added years after the original silent versions were released. The soundtrack sounds very dated and is occasionally out-of-sync. All the  contents of this DVD are window-boxed (a black border surrounds the picture), to eliminate the overscan effect of most televisions. The bonus film "Otto Messmer at Work" is a short amount of silent color footage of Felix's creator at a drawing table.

If you're a die-hard Felix fan, you'll probably want to add this DVD to your collection. It's almost worth it just for "Comicamalities". Otherwise, you're better off getting the Bosko Video Felix disc.

Note: This DVD was originally issued by Lumivision, but has been re-issued by Slingshot DVD. The Lumivision version is now out-of-print, but the contents of both versions are exactly the same. You can view the front cover of the Lumivision issue.

"Felix Dopes it Out"
"Otto Messmer at Work"

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