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Breath of The Wild Will Be The First Zelda With A Season Pass

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When you finish The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on Wii U or Switch, you may be left wanting more, especially if you play it on the Switch and have to wait months for something else to come out. Ordinarily that would be all you’d get, but this time, Link’s new adventure will be expandable in the form of two DLC packs, to be sold within a $20 Season Pass (no method of buying them separately has been announced).

Upon activation of the Pass, three treasure chests will open in the Great Plateau that contain cosmetic items (such as a Switch shirt), but this is meant to tide you over while the real content is being created. This summer the first DLC pack will be released, containing a Cave of Trials, a harder play mode and a mysterious “new feature” on the game map. Later on that fall, the second DLC pack will give you a new dungeon, complete with a new original storyline to accompany it.

Anyone who’s surprised hasn’t been paying attention. While DLC and season passes are a first for the mainline Zelda series, they’re something Nintendo has been playing with for a while. New Super Luigi U started as DLC before being sold separately on a physical disc (and eventually included in the reprint of New Super Mario U). Mario Kart 8 had two sets of add-ons, both of which will be included in the Switch version later this year. This isn’t even the first product with Link in it to be offered DLC content (Hyrule Warriors, for the Wii U and 3DS, had several packs available).

Plus, unlike some other less scrupulous companies, Nintendo doesn’t create DLC at the same time as the regular game and then sell it separately. Breath of the Wild has already gone gold and copies are being pressed as you read this. The new content is a separate project that might have not even happened if DLC hadn’t become an industry standard.

Breath of the Wild comes out March 3 for Switch and Wii U. The DLC will be available for both versions and be identical to each.