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Breath Of The Wild 2 And Other Big Nintendo Announcements

breath of the wild 2

The September Nintendo Direct is usually the one where the company’s biggest announcements of the year are made. And we did indeed get some biggies this time. Let’s start with the most gargantuan of them…

SEO is a funny thing; even though Breath of the Wild 2 has a “real” title now, calling it by its placeholder name at this moment will generate more hits, as not many people will be familiar with “Tears of the Kingdom” yet to search for it. But is it a mistake to give a Zelda game a subtitle that implies sadness and crying? Or maybe by “tears” they mean “holes in the fabric of spacetime”..we haven’t heard the word pronounced aloud yet.

Anyway, we know two things: (1) Link will get a cool glider and (2) the release date will be May 12, 2023.

For this next one, Miyamoto appeared along with some Pikmin graphics that implied the next numbered entry in the series was about to be announced. But instead, he started talking about a Pikmin mobile app….until he went “psyche” and unveiled Pikmin 4 for real. Not much is known at this time beyond one screenshot and the admission the camera angle will be from Pikmin height instead of overhead. The game comes to Switch in 2023.

If you’ve been enjoying Square’s “2D-HD” games like Octopath Traveler and the Live A Live remake, there’s good news: the former is getting a sequel, with an all-new cast and setting but mostly the same gameplay. It’ll be out February 24.

For how hyped Bayonetta 3 is, you’d think it would have received a little more attention in the Direct…but I suppose we’ve seen a lot of it already. The trailer confirms the situation (Bayo is battling earthly monsters called the Homunculi) but offers little in the way of new info. There IS, however, substantially more in a bonus video Nintendo released alongside the Direct…

ANOTHER new Kirby game? That makes three announced this year! Normally we’re lucky to just get ONE. Actually 2022 marks Kirby’s 30th birthday, so that explains that. Return To Dream Land, originally released for the Nintendo Wii eleven years ago, is back with a new coat of paint and the ability for every player to select a different version of Kirby. Kirby’s Return To Dream Land Deluxe will be out February 24, same day as Octopath Traveler II.

Finally (and we do mean FINALLY), Nintendo is re-releasing Goldeneye 007, one of the Nintendo 64’s most popular games. For the longest time this felt impossible, as they’d have to re-negotiate with both Microsoft and MGM for the Bond license. But they put those expensive $50 NSO annual fees to work and brought this classic back home. It will be available on both Nintendo Switch Online and XBox Game Pass.

Other games were announced for NSO like the Mario Party series and the two Pokemon Stadium games. We’re wondering how this will work as Pokemon Stadium was mostly an add-on for the Game Boy titles that let you import your monsters from that game and use them in more challenging match-ups. You can use “rental” Pokemon but they’re not as good. A lot of features would be cut off…UNLESS the Red/Blue ROMs are built into this version? It’d be nice. We hope that’s what’s happening here.