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Brazey Is Back, With A Message


A few months ago we posted an animated short called “Brazey,” by Jared D. Weiss. It was a cute, largely improvised short about a little dancing white guy. We’re pleased to report Weiss has returned to Brazey’s world with a follow-up, which you can watch below.

The last time we saw Brazey he was living the simple life, existing in a grey void with only a small flower for company. Now he appears to have moved up in the world, dwelling in a fancy apartment filled with dozens of products that bear his name. When he gets hungry he reaches into the freezer, opens a box of “Brazey Cakes” and devours his own face. He’s also got a circa-1991 answering machine now. And a grandmother.

Jared Weiss is the award-winning creator of the short “Transmission” as well as the previous Brazey short.

A Message For Brazey from Jared D. Weiss on Vimeo.