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Brad Neely’s Harper House Cancelled After Barely Existing

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Did you know Brad Neely, creator of Adult Swim’s China IL, has a new series out? Well…he had one out. Here’s some harg nallin’ news to hear for all the sclopio peepio that might have been interested: the show has been canned just two months after its premiere.

The Harper House was an adult animated comedy about Debbie Harper, a high-energy working mom who loses her high-paying engineering job and must move her family to the seedier side of town. Debbie wasn’t the type to give up, however, and would come up with a scheme in each episode to pull herself back into success. Better Call Saul‘s Rhea Seehorn played Debbie, Jason Lee voiced her husband, and her twin offspring were played by Tatiana Maslany and Ryan Flynn. The talent was there, but the viewers weren’t.

Neely broke the news on his social media channels this morning. “I’ll always appreciate the show’s resilient crew and cast that came together during an unprecedented breakdown of normal life to make this family with me. I’m grateful to everyone involved and to anyone who gave it a shot. It’s time to get nuts.”

Peak TV still feels weird for someone who can remember the 2000s when it was the opposite of this. There were barely any good shows on at all — almost everything on network and cable was embarrassing reality sludge. I had to cling to the two or three programs each week that were good and pray very hard they would not be cancelled next month.

Now it’s the opposite. I’m drowning in viewing options. At any given time there are four or five new shows competing for my limited viewing hours, and some, like this one, I do not hear about until they’re toast for lack of attention. Having lived through humanity’s Hilton and Reid era, I did not expect to ever have this problem. Did you?

The Harper House was on Paramount+. The few episodes that exist will remain there for the foreseeable future.