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Boss Baby 2 Removed From March Schedule, Pushed Into Fall

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As the dawn of a new year loomed over the horizon, Dreamworks Animation looked at their next animated feature and thought “You know, we’d like a hopeful future for everyone in 2021…maybe Boss Baby 2 shouldn’t be one of the first things they see.” And so the cursed sequel was kicked down the road, and will no longer be making its debut on March 26.

Actually, neither Dreamworks nor Universal will say exactly why they’re delaying Boss Baby 2. All we know is that its new slot in September will take the place of another Universal film, The Bad Guys, which has now been removed from the schedule entirely.

Boss Baby 2 starts with an unexpected time jump….the Alec Baldwin baby from the first film is now a rich hedge fund CEO, while his jealous brother Tim (James Marsden) has settled into a more typical middle-class lifestyle. You’d think they would want to keep them babies, and therefore marketable, but just wait…

Tim’s offspring includes infant Tina (Amy Sedaris) and seven-year-old Tabitha (Ariana Greenblatt). Tina idolizes her uncle, to the extent that she becomes the new Boss Baby. Tim is apparently “still in touch with his overactive youthful imagination” and can fully understand Tina (and so can Ted but there is no explanation for that).

Tabitha is a student of the Acorn Center for Advanced Childhood, which it turns out is being run by an evil genius that seeks to brainwash all babies into acting naughty. To save Tabitha from this fate, the brothers will need to put aside their rivalry and work together — but they cannot get into the complex as adults. So they have to drink a formula that turns them into babies again (and THAT’S how we get there).

But maybe we don’t know what we’re talking about and Boss Baby 2 will wind up being the most sophisticated cinematic experience of 2021, with a moving performance by Baldwin that will have audiences in awe. In that case, it would make sense for Dreamworks to move it to Oscar season. The new release date is September 17.