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Boom Studios To Produce New Rocko’s Modern Life Adventures


Could there possibly be more new Rocko-related material coming our way than previously assumed? The wallaby is already returning to TV — is he coming back to comics too?

Boom Studios will be resurrecting the world of O-Town this December in the first issue of their regular Rocko’s Modern Life series. Though the revival in comic form will be unrelated to the revival in TV-movie form (still scheduled for 2018), the two versions will explore similar themes.

“The linchpin of the series is kind of how Rocko hasn’t really advanced much,” writer Ryan Ferrier told the LA Times. He went on to explain how early issues will deal with chronic unemployment and his inability to hold down a job in 21st century society. “That [sounds] very grim, but it’s also very funny too.”

Ian McGinty, who previously created art for the Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors comics, will be working as artist for the Rocko comic….and it’s a dream come true for him. “It really freaks me out to be working on properties I grew up with and thought I would never see again,” McGinty said.

Ferrier and McGinty look forward to probing Rocko’s psyche and exploring his world in a bit more detail. “In a comic you can kind of unpack characters’ motivations a little bit more than in a cartoon because a cartoon is so fast,” McGinty said. “‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ characters actually had weirdly complex personalities, and that’s what I’m looking forward to exploring a lot more.”

Back when the original series was in production, a Rocko comic briefly existed thanks to Marvel; it ran for seven months. The new series will begin this December. We hope there will be kind-of-a-lot-of issues.