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Bonuses And Government Being Balanced In Civ VI


Civilization is an ever growing game, with new abilities and technologies becoming available as time goes on. However, this can come at a cost, often making players feel that they have little choice in certain events or how things play out.

With Civilization VI, the desire to make the gameplay feel balanced, all the while offering the chance to “course correct” was vital. Especially when considering the new tech bonus system that’ll allow players to advance based both on what they build and where they are when they build it. In an interview with IGN, Lead Designer Ed Beach revealed this wouldn’t be the case:

“We’ve been working to balance that sweet spot for a couple of years. The key number is what percentage of a technology do you get from a boost? If it’s too high, all people are doing is playing the boosts.”

This also goes to the government building. It’s been at times hard, and often pointless, to change government setups based on what you get from it. Beach admits this flaw:

“Looking at Civ 5’s system, the biggest criticism of it that I agreed with is that it was really hard to pivot in a new direction.”

The desire to change that lead to the new Civics Technology tree, one that is totally separate from the others. One that will allow you to grow through gaining special “cards” that will be available via the research. And as each government type is different, the slots for the cards will vary.

Civilization VI will arrive on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on October 21st.