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Bone TV Series Project Cancelled Yet Again


Being an animation fan means constantly promoting the promising projects of various studios, in an attempt to save them from each other. Case in point: just last week, Netflix was a hero for rescuing the cancelled Blue Sky CGI film Nimona from oblivion. Now they themselves are the villains for sending the latest attempt at a Bone TV adaption there. Time to start begging again. Apple TV, pleeeeease?

Jeff Smith’s cartoon epic has held big Hollywood potential since day one, yet it has a ridiculously long history of adaptions being announced, stalling, and disappearing. When the property finally reached Netflix, we breathed a sigh of relief because they were relatively new and had a good reputation for letting creators tell the stories they wanted in the lengths that they wanted. A blistering new report from The Wrap has thrown cold water on that perception, though, revealing that times are changing.

The report states that a number of high-profile creators, who initially came to Netflix for the promised freedom, have had that freedom curtailed in recent months by new management. Due to sudden cancellations and shady decisions that were never explained, a good number of them have already left the studio, going to work for other streamers or returning to places like CN. It’s horrible timing that this report comes at the exact same time Netflix reports its first big subscriber loss, but it does explain a thing or two. The bloom is coming off the rose and the gardener is getting desperate.

Desperate enough that they’re willing to make moves now that could potentially make them even MORE unpopular, just to make a quick buck in the immediate present: introduce ads, crack down on password sharing, etc. They’re things Netflix never would have dared to speak of when it was trying to gain a toehold in the industry. Now they’re big enough that they can afford to be awful.

At least the family animation renaissance at Netflix lasted long enough to get us complete runs for shows like Hilda, Kid Cosmic and Kipo, and there’s Nimona to look forward to. It’ll be bleak times from there, though.