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Bless The Harts Officially Cancelled By Fox

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There have been rumors this season of Bless The Harts would be its last, and the silence from Fox on the show’s fate was never a good sign, but today the network made it official. The Harts will not return this fall.

Ratings-wise the show hasn’t performed very well, scoring the second-lowest numbers of any Fox series this season besides the already-cancelled NEXT. It averaged a 0.46 demo rating and 1.3 million total viewers per week, below its neighbors The Simpsons, Bob’s Burgers, Family Guy and The Great North….however, those are the kind of numbers you tend to get when you death-slot your show at 7:30 every week! Just ask Futurama!

The series was set in North Carolina and starred Kristen Wiig as Jenny, the emotional and anxiety-prone center of the Hart family. Its other members included Jenny’s beefy boyfriend Wayne Edwards (Ike Barinholtz), her sardonic daughter Violet (Jilian Bell), and her scheming mother Betty (Maya Rudolph). Altogether, 34 episodes were made in the two seasons that existed.

Bless The Harts is not leaving the air immediately; the remaining episodes from this season will continue to appear each week until the final one in May. Years ago, this would be the kind of thing Adult Swim would pick up rerun rights to, but other Fox shows on that channel are due to lapse soon with no renewal offered…the option may simply not be there.

Which is too bad, because AS has found other neglected shows an audience in the past. Instead the Harts will be condemned to float around in the shadowy corners of various streaming services where barely anyone will see them again. If you like this show, tell your friends. Word of mouth may be its best and only hope.

Also, we’re gonna just assume that Fox’s Duncanville is very likely being death-slotted in the same manner, having been withheld until this summer….along with Housebroken, a new show that doesn’t sound promising and Fox seems to regret ever paying for.