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Black Ops 4 Gets Ancient Evil Map Via Black Ops Pass

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When’s the new zombie map coming out? What’s it like?

The next thrilling Zombies adventure in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is live now on PS4, with other platforms to follow. “Ancient Evil” beckons the intrepid foursome from the Chaos Storyline – Bruno, Diego, Scarlett and Shaw – in a brand-new adventure into an underground Greek city to face off against new varieties of the undead. Featuring signature Call of Duty Zombies combat, Ancient Evil will test players’ skills as they fight new Zombies and enemies against the backdrop of a gargantuan cavern colossal enough to hold a sprawling city.

Bruno, Diego, Scarlett and Shaw fought armies of undead within an ancient coliseum that culminated in a deadly battle against the High Priest of Chaos. Now tentatively exploring the subterranean caverns of Greece with newfound knowledge at hand, the team are guided by a strange, disembodied voice.

The voice belongs to the fabled Oracle of Delphi, trapped within the Temple of Apollo, and seeking freedom from her entrapment. Scarlett seems particularly keen on helping with this task, as the mystery of Scarlett’s father, Alistair Rhodes, is inextricably linked to the Oracle. So begins the exploration of a subterranean city — a strange sunken settlement buried deep below the sacred, and almost-identical surface Greek city of Delphi. Built by unknown hands, it lies at the base of a gigantic underground cavern, and was undiscovered for centuries.

The map is available now to play.