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Bizarre Simpsons Fashion Show Introduces Real Clothing Line


By this point, there have been plenty of strange tie-ins for the Simpsons characters, but what just happened in Paris has to be one of the weirdest: the animated cast took part in a live fashion show, strutting the runway and showing off the designer clothes of Balenciaga in a pre-prepared animated sequence.

If there’s anything we understand less than designer fashion culture in general, it’s the product tie in that accompanies this. You can buy these clothes, but not exactly the ones the Springfieldians are modeling (what a shame, that gigantic collar on the red coat would make me cooler than Seto Kaiba). Instead there are Balenciaga clothes available with Simpsons characters on them. And if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford any of ’em:


Ay Carumba! Nearly a thousand bucks to stay warm outside while expressing your adoration for 30-year-old cartoon characters?

OVERSIZED T-SHIRT (actual name): $650

What I want to know is…what is the difference between this and a $10 shirt from Target with a Simpsons character on it? I’m guessing nothing. Deliberately overpricing certain items to create a false sense of importance is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Peloton’s first exercise bikes were about one-fourth the cost of what they are now, but when no one was buying, they simply jacked up the price and THEN the bikes started selling.


If you’re the type who can spend this much on a wallet, this dinky thing isn’t nearly large enough to hold the rolls you’re carrying around.


By far the most expensive thing on a list of already expensive things, the Padded Bomber Hoodie is the only item that doesn’t have the same illustration of the Simpsons clan on it. it does sport the logo though. Fool your equally spoiled friends into thinking you work for the studio!

Hey…it could be worse. The Simpsons could be selling NFTs. …I should really hold my tongue there.