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Birds Of Prey Gets A Last Minute Name Change


Three Birds of Prey posts in just 24 hours? Are we insane? Blame this one on Warner Bros themselves — we wouldn’t have to keep bringing this movie up if they wouldn’t stop messing with it.

Up to this afternoon, the theater marquees (those that had room) displayed the full title as “Birds Of Prey (And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn).” BUT around 3 PM Pacific, 6 Eastern, an official declaration was sent out from WB that the title would henceforth be known as “Harley Quinn: Birds Of Prey.” The movie’s listing on ticket websites has now been updated as such.

Viral screenshot from Twitter

It’s not the first time the title “Birds Of Prey” has been messed with, but changing it post-release is a new one. Originally it flatly went by “Birds of Prey” with no embellishment, but after someone added the “fantabulous” flourish to the cover page, the studio liked it enough to stick with it. To tell the truth, we grew attached to the unconventional title, and we’re sad that we’ll never get to see it on a Blu-Ray cover.

There are many theories floating around as to why this movie underperformed, but the ineptitude of the marketing department is most commonly cited, and this doesn’t disprove any of it. The problem with changing the title is that none of the ads or trailers have actually been USING the title. “And The Fantabulous Blah Blah Blah” can be seen under the logo, but only for half a second, while the announcer refers to the movie as “HARLEY QUINN IN: BIRDS OF PREY,” nearly identical to what the title is now.

If the title was really the problem, they haven’t really done anything to fix it. If you want our opinion, WB would stand a better chance of improving ticket sales by changing the name to “BIRDS OF PREY: THIS ISN’T SUICIDE SQUAD AT ALL EVEN THOUGH IT LOOKS LIKE SUICIDE SQUAD, IT’S MUCH BETTER THAN THAT CRAPPY MOVIE, WE SWEAR.”