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Birds Of Prey “Feels Like The 90’s”?

Birds of Prey

How is the Birds of Prey movie shaping up? Any new teases from the cast?

The DC Comics movie universe is going to have an interesting 2020. Mainly because they have a heavy-hitter lined up in Wonder Woman 1984, and then the wild card picture in Birds of Prey. The movie follows Harley Quinn, Black Canary, Huntress, and more as they fight off the villain known as Black Mask.

The movie is said to be R-Rated, and feature a lot of epic women doing epic things. Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who plays Huntress, noted in an interview that this movie is “next level” compared to other things she’s done.

Birds of Prey was the next level up. In Gemini Man I’m a D.I.A. [Defense Intelligence Agency] agent who’s been hired to keep an eye on Will Smith, but in Birds of Prey I play this assassin who’s been trained since childhood,” she explained. “It’s all women and genuinely funny and weird. It feels from the ’90s, in the best way.”