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Bill N Back – Rabbit and Wolf Animated Duo


Animator/creator Olivier Brisson began crafting “Bill N Back” in 2015 as an animated series after leaving his main job. Working completely on his own, he created, drew, wrote and directed this project! Voice actor John Mondelli, composer Carl Vaudrin, and sound designer Guillaume Muller joined the project to supplement the animation style Brisson created.

The series focuses on twins Bill, a blue wolf, and Back, a pink rabbit, who travel across different lands while assisting the characters they meet. The world is always changing and that influences the animation style. A show completely focused on the concept of varying animation is quite intriguing.

The pilot’s Kickstarter campaign will help to pay the audio team mentioned above and complete the project. “Bill N Back” is an animated pilot episode created by Olivier Brisson and is planned to launch summer 2018.