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Big Hero 6 Coming To The MCU?

Big Hero 6

There’s a lot going on with the Marvel Cinematic Universe despite HEAVY delays in its film releases due to the global pandemic. WandaVision and soon Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be holding the fort down until the movies come out and yet even within that there are rumors of more and more things coming. And now, a rumor The DisInsider states that there might be a new introduction into the MCU soon…from Big Hero 6.

At first this may sound confusing, but the original story featuring Big Hero 6 was indeed inside the realm of Marvel Comics. It had a singular run and then was never used again until Disney (who had boughten Marvel by this time) had used it to make the very popular movie that went on to win an Oscar. The love for the franchise then spawned an animated series on Disney Channel and DisneyXD and even landed them in Kingdom Hearts 3.

And now, according to this source, the two main characters of Hiro and Baymax are going to show up in live-action in the MCU somewhere. But where? Well, that wasn’t expressed but many have heard this rumor and are very excited about it.

Now, as to how it could work within the confines of Marvel…it’s honestly not that hard. Let’s not forget that one of the smartest people in the MCU right now are Peter Parker and Shuri and they’re both about Hiro’s age depending on how you interpret it.

So it could be that Hiro and Baymax are introduced in a way that connects them to another character. It’s doubtful that we’d get a live-action movie of Big Hero due to it being not that long since both the movie came out (2014) and the animated series isn’t ending until a little bit later this year. But it would be very interesting to have these characters show up.