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Big City Greens Grabs Big Fourth Season Renewal

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One year ago, when Big City Greens was granted a third season by Disney Channel, we predicted Season 3 would be its last, even the show was popular. The base for that theory was…it was the Disney Channel, which almost never renews anything past a third season no matter how many fans it has.

We had double-reason to assume Big City Greens was on its last year by considering the shifting TV market, which is devoting increasingly larger portions of its resources to boosting streaming libraries, and less toward original cable content. So why would they…well, never mind, we were wrong.

A fourth season was announced by Disney yesterday, ensuring the series will be one of a handful of animated Disney shows to break the 100-episode barrier. We’re fine with more BCG, but if you’re an Owl House fan who’s been signing renewal petitions for months and feel like eating your keyboard in rage right now, I don’t blame you.

Big City Greens revolves around the Beverly Hillbillies-like antics of Cricket Green and his deeply rural family as they move to the big city and cause one ruckus after another. The series was created by Chris and Shane Houghton, based on their childhood growing up in the tiny community of St. Johns, MI. The show features the voices of one of those Haughtons as Cricket (Chris), Artemis Pebdani as Gramma Alice, Marieve Herington as Cricket’s sister Tilly Green, and Bob Joles as Cricket’s father Bill Green.

When the show got a third season, Chris and Shane signed another deal to produce additional content for Disney+…and at the time we didn’t know what that meant, but now a Big City Greens movie has been revealed, exclusively for the service. So there you go…the series has been modified to support the cable past and the streaming future at the same time.

The first two seasons of Big City Greens are viewable on Disney+. The third season will premiere on Disney Channel February 12. The movie has no release window yet.