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BES Animation Launches “Kitty Is Not A Cat” YouTube Channel


After a successful premiere on 7Two in Australia, in addition to several Disney Channel networks throughout Africa and Europe, BES Animation has launched a YouTube channel for Kitty Is Not A Cat.  I’ve had my eye on this series for quite a while and even wrote about how I thought it would be something special.  Having had the chance to watch a few episodes, I firmly believe that it is special.  Kitty is a delightfully charming cartoon that stands out from its peers.  Its premise is refreshingly original and its varied cast of colorful and comedic cats is sure to entertain both boys and girls.  The writing is sharp and there are a lot of funny gags, but as the cats strive to be positive role-models for Kitty and help her grow as a human, the show promotes positive behaviors while still being entertaining.  BES Animation currently has ten episodes uploaded onto their YouTube channel, and whether you have kids or not, I strongly recommend that you subscribe to it.  Their YouTube channel can be found here, and the episodes can be watched in most countries.  If you live in Australia, every episode can currently be watched on 7Plus.  I am looking forward to watching more episodes of Kitty Is Not A Cat and I hope to have a review written in short order, but I am confident others will find it as delightful as I have.