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Berkeley Breathed Working On Animated Feature “HitPig”


As the most devoted Bloom County fan in the entire world, it’s my duty to report to you every time creator Berkeley Breathed so much as sneezes. So if he’s working on his first-ever animated movie, you better believe you’re gonna hear about it! Friends, this is “HitPig.”

Now in development at animation studio Aniventure for 2022, “HitPig” is a post-apocalyptic adventure about a porcine bounty hunter who pursues his targets with ruthless efficiency. When he receives his latest assignment, a giant blue elephant named Pickles, it sounds like the easiest hit in the world…but as he gets to know Pickles, he’s not sure delivering her to the trillionaire who’s after her is the right thing to do. The characters of Hitpig and Pickles are variations of similar characters from one of Breathed’s picture books, “Pete and Pickles,” which is also about an elephant-pig pairing.

You might be asking, “why not Opus?” Well, funny story about that…Breathed allowed the movie rights to his penguin to be purchased by The Weinstein Company, back when everybody thought they could trust Weinstein. A movie was in development there, but Breathed had veto power, and when the director said having a penguin talk was too far-fetched, Breathed shut the production down. The rights have lingered in Weinstein’s basement among other unmentionable items ever since.

Breathed has had nothing but bad luck with Hollywood in general. The lone animated cartoon starring Opus, A Wish For Wings That Work, is well-animated for its time but not nearly as funny as the strip. And the less said about Mars Needs Moms (which had zero involvement from Breathed), the better. It’s our hope that “HitPig” breaks the streak.

“HitPig” will star Peter Dinklage as the voice of the title character, Lilly Singh as the elephant, Rainn Wilson as the unnamed villain, and RuPaul in an unrevealed role. Cinzia Angelini (Minions) and Maurizio Parimbelli (Peter Rabbit) are directing and the movie is expected out in 2022.