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Ben Schwartz Talks Potentially Being The New Full-Time Voice Of Sonic The Hedgehog

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While the Sonic gaming franchise hasn’t always been the most consistent thing out there in the universe, the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise as a whole is very much still strong. Between its comics from Archie that have been going on for literal decades, to its games that still get made and do well enough, to its cartoons and anime that have a surprisingly strong fanbase, and its most recent movie in live-action that set records, there’s a lot to enjoy. But, change is coming as you no doubt heard. As the voice for Sonic in most properties, Roger Craig Smith, has noted that he’s stepping down from the role.

This comes as a blow as he was the voice in games and shows for about 10 years, and so losing him is very much like losing a key piece of Sonic The Hedgehog history. However, fans feel that there is a very obvious choice to go and fix this “situation” and that’s by hiring the man who did the live-action Sonic voice for the 2020 movie in Ben Schwartz. Schwartz wasn’t the most obvious of picks when the movie was made but he won fans over and a sequel is coming so many think the connection to bring him to the games and shows and such is a perfect fit.

However, in an interview with ComicBook.com, Schwartz noted that while he was flattered, this wasn’t happening as of yet. Not that it COULDN’T happen, but that he wasn’t asked to do this at all and thus he can’t say whether he would do it because he hasn’t been approached about it.

We do know that there will need to be a new Sonic voice soon because Netflix announced a new anime series in “Sonic Prime” and we know there will be games to follow no doubt. So whether it’s Schwartz or someone else, a new Sonic voice will rise.