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Being Megatron: Toon Zone Talks to David Kaye


David Kaye has played countless memorable roles: various incarnations of Megatron from several Transformers series, Sesshoumaru from Inuyasha, Professor Xavier from X-Men Evolution, Soun Tendo from Ranma ½, General Hawk from G.I. Joe, and various others. He recently spoke to Toon Zone about his work.

Toon Zone: What was it that first attracted you to the field of voice work?

David Kaye: Oh… fame and fortune. I guess since I was always goofing around in school, you know, the proverbial class clown, and I guess I wanted to see if I could get paid for that. I had a strong interest in high school. I was working at the local cable stations and working behind the scenes. Then I got involved in radio and then I found out about the cartoon world when I got up to Vancouver. I got my first cartoon part there on G.I. Joe playing General Hawk, and that’s how it got started.

TZ: Out of the characters that you’ve played what has been your most memorable role?