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Begin Building! Trailmakers Has Launched


Through no fault of your own – or perhaps it was all your fault – either way, there is no quibbling, your spaceship has crashed on a planet and now you must rebuild it using the available resources the somewhat barren planet has to offer. This is the premise of “Trailmakers” which has already been available on PC but has now launched for consoles.


But it does not always have to be about repairing your spaceship and escaping the planet – that is just one mode, Stranded in Space – you could build just about any vehicle you desire, such as a jet, or a pseudo-Formula One car or a submarine or the Lotus Esprit from James Bond in “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Oh wait, no, you can’t build that and besides, Elon Musk already owns it.


But in “Trailmakers” you can build various machines and vehicles with physical building blocks. Each block has unique features like shape, weight and functionality. They can be broken off, re-fitted and used to build something new.


Three game modes will keep you busy in “Trailmakers”. In the aforementioned¬† Stranded in Space game mode you crash land on an alien planet and must escape by rebuilding your spaceship from scrap. Explore the planet to collect the parts you need, but beware of the many dangers that lie ahead.


In the “Trailmakers Rally”, you begin with a few basic building blocks and a go-kart track. Progress through the Rally by earning bronze, silver or gold medals. Each race you unlock will give you new blocks to put on your vehicle – or even jet engines.


Finally, if repairing your spaceship or rallying is too mundane for you, there is always Dethrone game mode – where you can shoot each other to bits.


Or, of course, you can always just meander around and explore the sandbox world of “Trailmakers”.

Key features also include:


  • Create without constraints in two sandbox maps full of jumps, half pipes, an aircraft carrier, catapults and other obstacles.
  • Compete on the global leaderboards in rally and race mode.
  • Four player drop-in/drop-out multiplayer game modes.
  • An active and growing community with tons of pre-made vehicles ready to test.