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Bee And Puppycat Are Coming Back On Netflix

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Netflix announced today a deal with Frederator Studios to finally, definitely bring the world a second season of their series Bee and Puppycat. This season will not actually be completed and delivered until 2022. But If you’re a fan of the series, you’re likely used to waiting by now.

In 2013, Frederator Studios used the then-recent success of Adventure Time on Cartoon Network to generate interest in their independent, self-funded projects. Bravest Warriors was one; Bee and Puppycat was another. The latter, created by Adventure Time artist Natasha Allegri, involved a young slacker (Bee) who meets up with a mysterious fourth-dimensional feline (Puppycat) that takes her on adventures far beyond her mundane life on Earth.

The Bee and Puppycat pilot appeared on Frederator’s YouTube channel, Cartoon Hangover, and gathered a following big enough to self-fund an entire season of additional cartoons. The Kickstarter broke records, but the season everyone paid for took ages to become fully accessible…only half the episodes appeared appeared on YouTube, and it would take two years for the other half to surface on the streaming channel VRV.

The Netflix announcement is not the first mention of a second season for Bee and Puppycat. The initial announcement was made by Frederator in 2017, followed by silence for two years, followed then by the sudden appearance of Season 2 Episode 1 at the Ottawa International Animation Festival in 2019. That episode has never been officially released (it’s been bootlegged though). And that brings us to today.

In theory, with Netflix’s funding, Season 2 of Bee and Puppycat could get done at a faster pace…yet it clearly won’t. What is really the deal behind the scenes? According to Frederator CEO Michael Hirsh in an interview with Polygon, they simply want to take their time. He claims they’ve been “perfecting” the season over the past three years. With two more, this should be the most perfect season of anything, right?