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Bayonetta Bundle On Switch Did Better Than Bundle On Wii U In Two Month Time


What’s the word on Bayonetta’s arrival on Switch? Did the Switch bundle do better than the Wii U one?

Back in the days of the Wii U, Nintendo actually came under fire for bringing Platinum Games’ title Bayonetta to their system. They did this because no one else would let Platinum do a sequel, but they were all for it, so it became an exclusive for the console. Despite initial worry, the game did really well critically, and was even nominated for Game of the Year by many, and even won a time or two. But, that doesn’t mean it sold well.

So, when the Nintendo Switch was unveiled, and Bayonetta 3 was confirmed for the system, it was also unveiled that the bundle containing the first two games would come to the Switch as well. And as you can see below, in two months, the Switch version did better than the Wii U version:


That’s very impressive, and while the numbers for the Switch version isn’t setting the world on fire, it’s very possible that the people who bought the Switch version didn’t have the Wii U version, which means the numbers could be close to 700,000 if combined. Plus, with Bayonetta 3 coming, the Switch numbers will rise once that title gets closer to release.

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