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Batwoman Showrunner Happy With Current Ending To Season


The current global lockdown has been affecting just about every walk of life, especially in regards to the entertainment industry. Video games are having to be developed at homes instead of in the developers headquarters, movies are being pushed back more and more, and as for TV shows, they’re facing early ends to their seasons. This includes the Arrowverse and shows like Batwoman.

Batwoman was the sole newcomer to the Arrowverse in the current season, and it has already been renewed for Season 2 thankfully. But, because of the Covid lockdown, the showrunners had to work out how to end the season with them still wanting to do more episodes. Speaking with ComicBook.com, showrunner Caroline Dries addressed the situation and noted that she and the others could “see the writing on the wall” and had to adapt on the fly. As such, the season will end with episode 20. Which will air next week.

However, despite this development, the team is content with what is going on, Dries noted that they were able to wrap up certain storylines for the characters, as well as end things on a massive cliffhanger that will keep fans happy until next season arrives.

This situation also affected both Supergirl and The Flash. The upcoming episode of Flash (episode 19) is their season finale, losing four planned episodes as a result. And yet, like with Batwoman, the team noted that they got lucky and ended on a strong note to close out one story while also saving a new story for the upcoming season 7.

The only thing left to wonder about at present is that the upcoming production of the next seasons is still up in the air. Rumors state that Canada (where these particular shows film) will be able to open up so that TV shows can be produced soon. But as to when exactly that’ll happen? No one knows.